27 Ex-Felons Who Became Successful

Ex-Felons Who Became Successful
Ex-Felons Who Became Successful

Life often takes unexpected turns, and for some, those twists lead to encounters with the justice system. However, the mark of a person’s character lies not in their past mistakes but in their ability to rise above them. In this exploration of resilience, we delve into the inspiring stories of 27 individuals who transformed their lives from ex-felons to beacons of success.

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Ex-Felons Who Became Successful

1. Kevin Mitnick:

Kevin Mitnick, a former computer hacker listed on the FBI’s Most Wanted Criminals, turned his life around after serving seven years in prison. Notably, he founded Mitnick Security, a company dedicated to assisting businesses in identifying and addressing security issues within their computer systems.

2. Frank William Abagnale:

Frank Abagnale, recognized as one of the most notorious impostors, transformed his life after serving time in prison. Following his release, he mentored some of the brightest minds in the FBI and CIA, contributing his expertise to the field of financial fraud by establishing Abagnale & Associates.

3. Kweisi Mfume:

Kweisi Mfume, despite a period of incarceration, went on to have an illustrious career as a Congressman and President of the NAACP. He turned his life around by enrolling in college, obtaining a graduate degree from John Hopkins University, showcasing the transformative power of education.

4. Junior Johnson:

Junior Johnson, a former moonshiner, transitioned from a life of illegal activities to becoming a successful NASCAR driver. His driving skills, honed during the transport of illegal liquor, propelled him to win 50 out of 313 NASCAR races, exemplifying the potential for redemption and success.

5. Charles Colson:

Charles Colson, implicated in the Watergate scandal, made a significant transformation during his seven-month prison sentence. He embraced Christianity, founded Prison Fellowship upon release, and dedicated his life to helping prisoners restore their faith and improve their lives.

6. Larry Jay Levine:

Larry Jay Levine, after serving time for various offenses including securities fraud and narcotics, became the overseer of Wall Street Prison Consultants. Leveraging his knowledge gained from a criminal career, he now provides legal services to both felons and attorneys.

7. Judge Greg Mathis:

Judge Greg Mathis, a former gang member, decided to turn his life around after his mother’s cancer diagnosis. He earned his GED, studied law at Eastern Michigan University, and has been presiding as a TV judge since 1999.

8. Danny Trejo:

Danny Trejo, known for his tough-guy roles in over 200 films, transformed from a life of crime and prison. Counseling a former drug addict on set became his break into acting, allowing him to leave his criminal past behind.

9. Stephen Richard:

Stephen Richard, a former felon who spent nine years in prison for selling drugs, turned his life around by earning a bachelor’s degree while incarcerated. He later obtained a graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and a Ph.D. from Iowa State University, showcasing the potential for academic success after a criminal past.

10. Michael Vick:

Michael Vick, the quarterback star, faced imprisonment for operating a dogfighting ring. After serving 18 months, he successfully returned to professional football, playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and using his experience to educate youth about avoiding troubled paths.

11. Tim Allen:

Tim Allen’s comedic career faced a setback when he was arrested for cocaine possession. Paroled after serving over two years, Allen turned his life around, becoming one of America’s favorite comedic actors.

12. Nicole Richie:

Nicole Richie, known for a troubled past, shifted her focus after facing legal issues related to drugs and DUI. She enrolled in an anti-drinking driver education program, redirecting her life towards a successful career as a fashion designer, author, and mother.

13. Christian Slater:

Christian Slater’s acting career endured challenges with multiple arrests. After rehabilitation and a jail term, Slater made a triumphant comeback in television and film, proving that personal transformation is possible.

14. 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson III):

Rap superstar 50 Cent, initially arrested on drug-related charges, turned his life around during a brief prison stint. After earning his GED, he surged to popularity with the release of his first album, showcasing resilience and success.

15. Mark Wahlberg:

Mark Wahlberg, known for a troubled youth and involvement with street gangs, shifted his focus to become one of today’s highest-paid male actors. He succeeded through determination, preserving his past struggles for a brighter future.

16. Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. (T.I.):

Rapper T.I., initially arrested on drug-related charges, chose a different path after serving time in an abbreviated boot camp. He earned his GED and achieved success in the music industry, showcasing the potential for positive change.

17. Piper Kerman:

Piper Kerman, born into privilege but led astray, turned her experiences in prison into the popular TV series “Orange is The New Black.” Her story highlights the transformative power of personal reflection and storytelling.

18. Robert Downey Jr.:

Robert Downey Jr., once Hollywood’s biggest bad boy, faced numerous arrests for drug-related charges. Overcoming substance abuse, he made a highly successful comeback, starring in blockbuster hits and earning critical acclaim.

19. Martha Stewart:

Martha Stewart, a business mogul, faced legal troubles related to conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Post-incarceration, she made a successful comeback, rebranding her name and reputation through television shows, books, and various projects.

20. Coss Marte:

Coss Marte, once behind bars for a drug operation, transformed his life by starting ConBody, a fitness system inspired by workouts during his time in prison. His story reflects the potential for positive change through health and fitness.

21. Cedric Hornbuckle:

Cedric Hornbuckle, initially facing a 12-year prison sentence at the age of 19, found stability and success after joining the Prison Entrepreneurship Program. His skills learned in prison became the foundation for starting his own business.

22. Shon Hopwood:

Shon Hopwood, an innocent man serving time for armed robbery, discovered his legal aptitude in prison. Post-release, he built a unique criminal profile and served as an advisor to the White House on justice reforms.

23. Reginald Dwayne Betts:

Reginald Dwayne Betts, a former carjacker, defied expectations by attending and graduating from Yale University. Despite initial hurdles, he obtained a license to practice law in Connecticut, showcasing the transformative power of education.

24. Ben Aldana:

Ben Aldana, once involved in drug-related activities, experienced a turning point in prison through a drug rehabilitation program. His epiphany led to passing the bar and assuming a position with the Utah County Public Defender’s office.

25. Dave Dahl:

Dave Dahl, a former drug dealer, turned his life around after serving over 15 years in prison. Working in his father’s bakery, he established “Dave’s Killer Bread,” a successful line popular in health-food and grocery stores.

26. Tracy Mackness:

Tracy Mackness, once an infamous drug dealer, changed her life after counseling sessions in prison. Inspired, she became a multi-millionaire sausage queen, emphasizing the impact of rehabilitation programs.

27. Marion Jones:

Marion Jones, an Olympian stripped of her medals due to doping, faced imprisonment for perjury and obstruction of justice. After serving six months, she made a sports comeback as a point guard for the WNBA Tulsa Shock, showcasing resilience and redemption.

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