What Government Jobs Can a Felon Get?

For a plethora of individuals who have committed crimes, acquiring gainful employment can be an intimidating and formidable undertaking, primarily due to the fact that a vast majority of employers enforce stringent policies prohibiting the hiring of individuals with prior criminal records. However, there are still opportunities available for those looking to rebuild their lives and careers after serving their sentences. Government jobs offer felons a chance to start anew and contribute to society, but the path to getting hired is not without obstacles. In this article, we will explore the various government jobs that felons can get and what they need to do to increase their chances of securing these positions.

What Government Jobs Can a Felon Get? Types of Government Jobs for Felons

The federal government and some state and local governments have programs that help felons find jobs, but these programs are not available in all areas. Felons may still be able to find employment in the following fields:

Corrections officer – This job involves overseeing inmates in prisons or jails. Felons who have served time themselves may have an advantage in understanding the mindset and behavior of inmates.

Administrative assistant – This position requires clerical and organizational skills and may be available in various government agencies. Felons who have developed these skills while in prison or during their rehabilitation programs may be a good fit for this role.

Maintenance worker – This job involves repairing and maintaining government facilities such as buildings, roads, and parks. Felons with experience in these areas may be able to use their skills to secure employment.

Truck driver – The government may hire felons as truck drivers to transport goods and equipment. However, this depends on the specific agency and the severity of the offense.

What Government Jobs can a Felon Get
What Government Jobs can a Felon Get

Requirements for Government Jobs for Felons

Although there are government jobs available to felons, certain requirements must be met. These requirements may vary depending on the job and the agency, but generally, felons must:

  • Have completed their sentences and any parole or probation periods
  • Demonstrate a willingness to work and follow the law
  • Pass a background check and meet security clearance requirements
  • Meet any additional qualifications or certifications required for the job

Steps to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired as a Felon

If an individual with a criminal record, specifically a felonious history, desires to secure a position within the government, there are certain measures that can be taken to improve the likelihood of success:

  • Candidly reveal your prior convictions – Absolute sincerity is paramount when applying for employment. Those with felony records who openly disclose their criminal past may have a higher probability of being hired than those who attempt to conceal it.
  • Highlight your skills and qualifications – Focus on your strengths and what you can bring to the job. If you have relevant work experience or education, make sure to include that in your application.
  • Network – Build connections with people who work in government agencies or who can refer you to job openings. Attend job fairs and community events to meet people who can help you in your job search.
  • Participate in job training and education programs – Felons who have completed job training or education programs may have an advantage in the job market. Look for programs that are specifically designed for felons and that can provide you with the skills and certifications needed for government jobs.


Can felons work for the federal government?

Yes, felons can work for the federal government, but their employment may be limited depending on the offense and the agency.

Will a felony conviction disqualify me from getting a government job?

Not necessarily. The severity of the offense and the requirements of the job will be taken into account. However, certain government agencies may have strict policies against hiring felons.

Can felons apply for security clearance jobs?

Yes, felons can apply for security clearance jobs, but the background check will be more rigorous, and the offense may be a disqualifying factor.

Can felons work in law enforcement?

It depends on the type of offense and the agency’s policies. Some agencies may have strict policies against hiring felons, while others may consider them on a case-by-case basis.

How can I find government jobs for felons?

You can search for job openings on government websites or through job search engines. You can also contact government agencies directly to inquire about job opportunities.


Felons who are looking for employment opportunities after serving their sentences can consider government jobs. Although the hiring process may be challenging, there are jobs available for those who meet the requirements and qualifications. Felons can increase their chances of getting hired by being honest about their past, highlighting their skills and qualifications, networking, and participating in job training and education programs. With determination and persistence, felons can rebuild their lives and careers and make positive contributions to society. So, if you’re wondering “What government jobs can a felon get?” there are options available, and it’s worth exploring them to see what opportunities are out there.

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