Can Felons Vote in Nebraska? Explained in Simple Terms

The right to vote is a fundamental aspect of a democratic society, allowing citizens to have a say in their government and participate in the decision-making process. However, for individuals with a criminal record, the question of whether they can vote becomes more complex. In Nebraska, the rules surrounding felons’ voting rights may not be widely known, so let’s explore the topic in easy-to-understand language.

Can Felons Vote in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, prisoners can generally vote in jail. If convicted of a misdemeanor, individuals do not lose their right to vote.

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Can Felons Vote in Nebraska
Can Felons Vote in Nebraska

Voting Rights for Misdemeanor Convictions

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor in Nebraska, the good news is that you do not lose your right to vote. Despite being incarcerated for a misdemeanor, your voting rights remain intact. As long as you are a registered voter, you can participate in the democratic process.

How Felons Can Vote While Incarcerated

If you find yourself incarcerated for a misdemeanor, there are steps you can take to cast your vote. Here’s how:

  • Check Your Voter Registration Status: Before anything else, verify that you are registered to vote. If you’re unsure, you can contact your local election office or check online.
  • Register to Vote if Necessary: In case you are not registered, don’t worry! You can still register to vote even while incarcerated. Reach out to your correctional facility administrators, who can assist you in completing the registration process.
  • Request an Absentee Ballot: While serving time, you won’t be able to vote at a polling station. However, you can request an absentee ballot from the office administrators at your correctional complex. An absentee ballot allows you to vote by mail, ensuring your voice is heard in the elections.

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Voting Rights While Awaiting Trial

The right to vote is not automatically stripped away for those who are awaiting trial, regardless of the charges they are facing. If you find yourself in this situation and have not lost your voting rights due to a prior conviction, you can still vote in Nebraska. It is crucial to remember that every citizen has the right to cast their ballot unless it has been explicitly taken away.


In conclusion, the right to vote in Nebraska remains accessible to individuals convicted of misdemeanors. Incarcerated individuals, even those awaiting trial, can exercise their voting rights, ensuring their voices are heard in the democratic process. If you are in jail for a misdemeanor, take the necessary steps to check your voter registration status, register to vote if needed, and request an absentee ballot. Participating in elections allows you to have a say in your community, state, and country’s future, and it is a right worth exercising for every eligible citizen.

Remember, regardless of your past, your right to vote is a powerful tool that can shape the course of your life and your community. Exercise this right proudly and be a part of the democratic process!

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