Does Tractor Supply Hire Felons?

If you have a criminal record and are looking for employment, you might be wondering if Tractor Supply Company offers opportunities to felons. In this article, we will delve into the hiring policies of Tractor Supply and shed light on the possibilities for felons seeking a fresh start. Keep reading to find out more about the hiring process, available positions, and tips on how to increase your chances of getting hired.

Tractor Supply Company’s Inclusive Hiring Approach:

Tractor Supply Company believes in providing opportunities to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those with a criminal history. The company recognizes that everyone deserves a second chance and considers applicants based on their qualifications and potential for success.

Does Tractor Supply Hire Felons
Does Tractor Supply Hire Felons

Entry-Level Positions for Felons:

While Tractor Supply does hire felons, it is essential to understand that certain limitations might apply. Felons are more likely to secure entry-level positions, such as cashiers or stockers, to begin their journey with the company. These roles offer an excellent starting point and a chance to demonstrate your skills and dedication.

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During the hiring process, Tractor Supply conducts thorough background checks for all applicants, including felons. The decision to hire a felon is made on a case-by-case basis and depends on various factors, such as the nature of the offense, its relevance to the job, and the time elapsed since the conviction. Hiring managers play a crucial role in assessing an individual’s potential and suitability for the position.

Tips for Felons Applying to Tractor Supply:

  • Be Honest: When applying for a position at Tractor Supply, be upfront about your criminal history. Lying about it can lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Emphasize Positive Attributes: Focus on highlighting your skills, work experience (if any), and dedication to making a positive change in your life and career.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Practice interview questions to demonstrate your motivation, eagerness to learn, and commitment to becoming a valuable asset to the company.
  • Showcase Relevant Skills: If you have acquired any new skills or certifications during your time away from the workforce, make sure to showcase them on your resume.

Community Support and Reintegration:

Tractor Supply Company values community involvement and support. As a felon, being proactive in your community and engaging in activities that promote positive change can reflect positively during the hiring process.


Tractor Supply Company indeed offers opportunities to felons, primarily in entry-level positions like cashiers and stockers. The company’s hiring policy emphasizes a fair and inclusive approach, evaluating applicants based on their qualifications and potential. While there might be challenges, felons can improve their chances of getting hired by demonstrating honesty, relevant skills, and a determination to reintegrate into society positively.

Remember, everyone deserves a chance to rebuild their lives, and Tractor Supply is committed to providing that opportunity. So, if you are a felon seeking a fresh start, don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities at Tractor Supply Company.

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